Bali Eco Stay Bali

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and explore more of Bali Eco Stay than what you see on the Instagram feed, look no further than this unique glamping experience. You’ll enjoy a luxurious tent with a bed and bathroom surrounded by rice paddies and jungle. This is a great way to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the region.

This eco-friendly resort in the mountains of Bali is home to a lush tropical food forest and sculpted rice terraces. Guests can enjoy hiking through the rainforest and exploring the terraces. The hotel is also dedicated to sustainability with solar and hydro-powered fixtures, strict waste management systems, and naturally spring-fed pools and waterfalls.

Located far away from the busy tourist trails, this retreat is home to a beautiful emerald green vista and dense bamboo forests. The resort is powered by a hydroelectric plant, has a strict waste management system, and offers onsite holistic wellness treatments. The resort is also a member of the HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence program, meaning you’ll be staying in an accommodation that meets the highest standards of customer service and quality.

Bali Eco Stay: Where Eco-Friendliness Meets Comfort

This boutique eco-lodge is located in the remote northern area of Bali and provides guests with a chance to explore the untouched pristine landscapes and villages steeped in profound local customs. The ecolodge is committed to protecting the pristine environment and has even placed trash bags around the surrounding five villages for guests to fill in order to keep the local area clean.

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