Hantek oscilloscope  are a top choice for many technicians and engineers that work in the electronics, telecommunications, engineering, scientific and medical fields. Here at the Oscilloscope Shop we offer a wide variety of new and used Hantek scopes at some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere online.

The Hantek DSO5102B has a large 2.8 inch full color TFT display and displays all measurements in a menu column on the right side of the screen (this can be hidden with the push of a button). Unlike most other scopes, it also provides a built in waveform generator and has a decode function for various serial protocol such as LIN, CAN and SPI. Its triggering system also has a holdoff feature which prevents the scope from re-triggering for a specified time after each trigger event.

“Exploring Performance: Getting to Know Hantek Oscilloscopes

This is a two channel scope with 20 MHz bandwidth and 48 million samples per second. While this is not going to replace a good benchtop scope, it does have enough features to meet the needs of most hobbyists. [Adrian] found the instrument to be extremely easy to use with a great layout. He did note some amplitude jitter and trigger jitter when testing the instrument.

If you are looking for a smaller portable solution, consider Hantek’s 20 MHz USB oscilloscope that turns your PC monitor into a 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope. This unit is popular with DIYers for its affordability and minimalist design. To update your Hantek scope’s firmware, visit the Download page on Hantek’s website and search for your model number or series number.

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