For those seeking to address deep-seated mental barriers, there are a number of immersive psilocybin experiences that offer a supportive environment for introspection and emotional healing. OrganicShroomCanada programs offer in-person support to navigate the psychedelic experience safely, as well as guidance from professionals who specialize in psychotherapy and spiritual growth.

Exploring the Legal Status of Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

The dispensary specializes in selling mushrooms, which contain the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin, that are not available for sale in medical contexts without Health Canada permission. Yet a spokesperson for the store says it does not plan to close. And the owners are not shy about saying they’re on a mission to legalize magic mushrooms.

The store sells a variety of mushroom strains and provides detailed information on the dosages that work best for each strain. Customers can also choose the type of experience they’re looking for, from introspection to euphoria. Some people microdose with psilocybin to improve clarity and productivity, for example. A growing trend in Silicon Valley, the practice involves small doses ranging from 10-100mg that quiet the mind, increase focus and free association, and give a caffeine-like energy boost.

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