Unlocking your brisbane diesel | Willys Workshop hidden performance potential requires more than just installing new diesel performance parts. You’ll also need a tuner to access your engine’s computer systems and modify the functions it executes. A tuner, also known as a programmer, chip or gauge tuner, can make the most of your diesel truck’s capabilities by increasing horsepower and torque for faster acceleration.

JEGS stocks tuners from top diesel performance brands including Banks Power, Edge, Bully Dog and DiabloSport. These plug and play diesel tuners are easy to install and include options for fuel economy tuning, towing and hauling, or performance and racing. Some are CARB approved for emissions friendly tuning and others offer a full range of features like gauge monitoring and shift changes.

The Future of Diesel Performance: Plug and Play Tuners

Most tuners come with a number of street-tested and dyno-proven tunes to choose from. A few of them, such as the Banks Power Derringer for L5P Duramax, even have an economy mode to help you save gas while retaining the same great power you expect from your diesel.

A few of the best tuners include a monitor, which you can view on a display while you’re driving. This will show you information such as your truck’s real-time fuel economy, speed and rpm data as well as other important readings like intake air temperature.

While a tuner can be easily installed with no additional accessories, some of them are designed to work with specific aftermarket upgrades and accessories such as exhausts and tuning products. The Triple Dog GT diesel tuner and monitor is one of the best examples of this.

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