Whether you owe medical bills, piles of credit card debt or a little bit of money to the furnace guy for that repair last winter, you’re going to get collection calls. Debt collectors buy past-due debts from creditors and other businesses that have no more interest in pursuing them and then attempt to collect the debt from you. While debt collection is a billion dollar industry and most of us have at least some sort of unpaid debt, there are laws in place to help protect consumers from abusive collection practices.

How long does collection process take?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other state laws have strict rules about how debt collectors can contact you. Unfortunately, not all collection agencies comply with these laws. If you receive a call from a debt collection agency that you believe is breaking the law, it is best to first dispute the debt in writing. Send a letter or form that asks the collector to validate the debt, including the original amount you owed and any extra fees they have added. Once the debt is validated, the collector cannot continue to collect on the debt or report it to your credit reports unless they can prove that they actually own the debt. Check this out : breyta.nl

Also, if you think that a debt collector is violating your rights, it is a good idea to hire an attorney. The attorney can help you file a complaint with the consumer protection agency and possibly get monetary damages for violations of your rights.

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