rubber bar mat

Bars are crowded environments with staff on their feet constantly moving around – bartenders mixing drinks, barbacks washing and restocking glasses, bussers carrying dishes, and shift-leads making sure everything is running smoothly. With so many people moving in a small, confined space, one lost footing can have serious consequences.

Rubber bar mats can help reduce the risk of accidents in rubber bar mat , by catching and trapping broken glass shards. They also provide a non-slip surface for staff, helping to keep them secure on their feet and making it easier for them to move back and forth behind the bar.

Rubber Bar Mats: The Backbone of Cleanliness and Branding in Bars

Whether it’s to soak up spillages or simply to make a statement, novelty beer mats can be a great addition to any home bar. Normally featuring funny bar rules or even flag designs they are rubber backed and often polyester topped to soak up drips and spillages.

Designed to grip wet glassware and help cut cleaning times, this black rubber bar service mat is an essential for any busy commercial bar. It is available in a range of sizes and is mold-, grease- and oil-resistant to withstand regular use. It also features drainage holes that allow spilt drinks to drain through the mat, rather than pooling on top of it, which significantly reduces the risk of slips and falls. This mat can be easily cleaned by wiping down, hosing down or for more durable versions, can be placed in a commercial kitchen wash machine.

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